“Das Auge sieht, was es sucht.”  Max Slevogt For information in German, click here During the first six years of her life Jurate Batura Lemke had already lived on three continents. Born in Germany, then emigrated with her family to Australia and finally, to Canada. in Toronto she graduated from Lakeshore Teachers' College and in 1973 the Ontario College of Art. Jurates artistic talents were appreciated long before graduating from art college. She won awards for art in school, designed stage sets, had numerous consignments for graphic design. In 1970 she did the illustrations for the book „Famous Lithuanian Women" by D.M. and V. Anysas, published in Toronto. Since 1978 Jurate has been living in Germany, working as a freelance artist and teaching art. At present she has drawing and life drawing classes at the adult college in Lampertheim. Jurate has done everything from miniature paintings to wall murals. Since 1997 there is also a label for Hungarian wine with her illustration. „I despise monotony! It's the unexpected that's the spice of life." That could well be a motto not only for Jurate's lifestyle but also in her artwork. She is a master of various mediums. Her drawings have been compared by German critics to Albrecht Durer's. She also works in water colours, acrylic, oils, collage and often in mixed mediums. Jurate Batura Lemke's works of art appear in various public sites in Germany an a in various publications. One of her paintings was presented to Lithuania's president, V. Landsbergis, on the occasion of his visit to Germany in 1991. Group Exhibits (selection) 1971 City Hall-Tenth Annual Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition 1973 / 74 Lampton Gallery, Toronto 1974 Simpson's Avon Galleries, Toronto 1979 Frankfurt, German-Lithuanian World Youth Congress 1981 / 85 City Hall, Toronto-Lithuanian Canadian Artists 1987 Herrmann Gallery, Viernheim, Germany 1988 Museum of Art, Vilnius, Lithuania One-man Shows (selection) 1973 Gallery 76, Toronto 1972 Third Gallery, Toronto 1978 / 86 Lithuanian Hail, Toronto 1987 Annaberg Castle, Bonn-Bad Godesberg, Germany 1988 Volksbank, Viernheim, Germany 1997 Heimatmuseum, Lampertheim, Germany 2000 Gallery LadenburgerART , Ladenburg, Germany